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Kentwood Landscaping | Landscape Design in Kentwood MI

Kentwood Landscaping | Landscape Design in Kentwood MI

Since 1945, Harder and Warner Landscaping has been serving Kentwood residential and commercial landscape customers in the greater Kentwood Michigan area.  Our Kentwood landscaping and landscape design company has a reputation that is second to none in the greater Kentwood area.  Not all landscape companies are created equal.  Quality, experience and professionalism are factors that separate us at Harder and Warner Landscaping.  We take pride in our work and want to make an amazing impact to your outdoor setting, whether it is a residential landscaping or commercial landscaping project in Kentwood

When working on our Kentwood landscaping projects, Harder and Warner's professional designers take extra time and care to understand your needs. They fully explain their proposal to you and then oversee our Kentwood landscaping construction and installation right through your final "walk-through" inspection, insuring that the completed work meets with your full approval.

Our Kentwood landscaping services include;

Kentwood Residential Landscaping & Landscape Design

Your home… 
Harder & Warner’s team can beautifully enhance your home with a perfect landscaping scheme, designed to delight and inspire you through all the changing seasons.  Landscaping and landscaping maintenance is a reflection of life and a natural representation of a homeowner's personality, attitude and perhaps, even more. It develops an atmosphere of comfort for all that visit the home and a sense of pride and distinction for you, the homeowner.   Read more about Residential Landscaping in Kentwood here.

Kentwood Commercial Landscaping & Landscape Design

Your company...  Bold and interesting surroundings are important and greatly appreciated by your employees and customers. Spirits are lifted by attractive, well-maintained grounds. Our Kentwood landscape designers are ready to plan and construct a strong, yet practical outdoor statement for your Kentwood companyHarder and Warner Landscaping understands the importance of first impressions. We take great care when upgrading your commercial property’s landscape because we recognize it does more than preserve or increase your property value. Read more about Commercial Landscaping in Kentwood here.

We provide Kentwood landscaping services to all residential and commercial customers in the greater Kentwood and West Michigan areas.  Contact us for a free design consultation here or call us today for a free consultation at (616) 698-6910!