Organic Fertilizer Program

Tree & Shrub Fertilizing

With help from Mother Nature - we put beneficial fungus and bacteria to work in your garden (A Revolutionary fertilizer program with Mycorrhizae and Bio-stimulants).

Protect your trees & shrubs with their own army
Once established, the Mycorrhizae(Fungi) attack Pathogens entering the root zone of your trees and shrubs. They also produce an antibiotic which forms a chemical barrier protecting against disease.

Unlock nature's potential and bring your soil to life
In addition to fertilizer we incorporate countless amounts of beneficial organisms into your soil. They aid in root development, water and nutrient uptake as well as stress reduction for your plants. Mycorrhizae, Glomus spp., Rhizopogon spp., and Laccaria spp. are a few of the many names that will help keep your thumb bright green.

Advantages of bio-stimulant fertilizers over traditional deep-root fertilizing:
Our Fertilizer with BIO-STIMULANTS Traditional Deep
Root Feeding
Feeds your plants for up to 12 months Feeds plants for only weeks
Unlocks Macro and Micro nutrients from the soil and converts them to forms that are readily available for plant absorption Traditional fertilizers
Improves water uptake at the root hair limiting drought stress to your plants Traditional fertilizers
Improves soil profile by breaking down organic matter and releasing nutrients otherwise unavailable for uptake Traditional fertilizers
Slowly reduces soil compaction by penetrating the soil beyond the root zone increasing aeration Traditional fertilizers
Protects the root system by attacking pathogens and producing a chemical barrier in the form of antibiotics Traditional fertilizers

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