6 Reasons to Mulch Your Lawn and Garden

Grand Rapids Landscaping

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, the prospect of managing everything from pH value to moisture levels to overall soil health can seem downright overwhelming. However,mulching your property can alleviate many of these concerns in one shot. The right mulch will handle a wealth of lawn care concerns, and preserving the long-term health of your lawn will save you money in quick fixes down the road.


Still not convinced? Read below for six more reasons to mulch:


1. Keep the Soil Moist

A layer of mulch will help trap moisture in the soil and slow down the evaporation process. This will help keep your soil from drying out, and consequently keep the plants in your garden area better hydrated for longer.

2. Regulate Soil Temperature

It becomes more difficult for the sun to penetrate the soil through a layer of mulch, meaning that the soil and plant roots experience less extreme temperature differences. This promotes longevity in both soil fertility and plant health, keeping your garden sustainable for years to come.

3. Reduce Weed Growth

When you are only working with topsoil in your lawn or garden, weeds can easily poke through the surface and make a home of your property. Weeds deteriorate soil health and choke out the roots of plants you want to keep, so use a coat of mulch to make it more difficult for weeds to reach the surface and thrive in your lawn.

4. Regulate the pH Balance of Your Soil

Different varieties of mulch have different effects on the acidity of your soil, so you can use mulch to help adjust acidity levels to your needs. Learn the make-up your lawn and choose a corresponding mulch material to get the best of your lawn and its plant life.

5. Supply Natural Nutrient Supplements

For organic mulch varieties that gradually break down, this deterioration process will release natural supplements into the soil that help keep it fertile and healthy. Save yourself some extra money on store-bought nutrients by taking advantage of natural processes with mulch.

6. Have Your Lawn Looking Great

Ranging from hardwood bark mulches to decorative stone mulch, you have a great deal of control over the look of your lawn or garden. Taking advantage of the different styles helps not only with lawn care and soil health, but also for maintaining a dynamic and attractive curbside appeal for your property. For more information on buying mulch from Harder and Warner, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.698.6910.