4 Reasons to Add a Flowerbed to Your Yard

Grand Rapids Landscaping

Setting up and maintaining any landscaping project, big or small, can often seem like a time consuming and tedious activity.

But do not let that stop you —taking care of a flower bed can actually do you a world of good, while boosting your property value along the way.

1. Increase Property Value

Realtors often note that potential buyers express interest in the condition of the lawn when surveying any new property. This will give them an idea of how well taken care of the property is in general, and any special landscaping features can help paint the picture of a beautiful and desirable property.

Take this opportunity to accent your property with a visually appealing and delightfully aromatic flower bed that will turn heads and speak volumes.

2. Improve Mental Health

According toone study from researchers at Deakin University in Australia, exposure to areas like flower beds and gardens have a positive impact on our outlook on life. They discovered that access to natural environments like these has a measurable effect on our stress levels, outlook on life, recovery from mental exhaustion and other anxieties.

Even though it takes some work to get a flower bed set up, the long-term benefits of looking at those beautiful wildflowers, native flowers, annuals and perennials will pay back your hard work and then some.

3. Enjoy Physical Activity

All the bending, digging, twisting and pulling of gardening might be tiring in the moment, but it constitutes an effective workout. Exercise keeps you limber and healthy while giving you a surge of dopamine to improve your mental health.

Make this a two-for-one and get your cardio in while maintaining a rejuvenating natural scene that you will enjoy long after the workout.

4. Help the Environment

Flowers not only cater to you with their bright, earthy scents, but they also help keep the air cleaner and fresher through the process of photosynthesis. Their root systems also help with overall soil health and work to prevent erosion.

If the personal benefits are not enough, let the practical benefits of a wonderfully designed flower bed improve the state of your property.

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