Spruce Up Your Patio For Spring

Grand Rapids Landscaping

Despite the harsh winter weather outside, in just a few months you and your loved ones will be relaxing under the sun’s warmth on your backyard patio — unless unwanted repairs to your patio soil your springtime plans. To enjoy your patio all spring and summer start thinking about sprucing things up now.

Winter snowstorms and ice accumulation often causes lasting damage to a patio. To ensure your patio lasts for many years, first check for damages in the patio’s foundation. Stone, brick and concrete patios may contain sunken areas or cracks from water damage. The accumulation of snow accelerates the mildew and the rotting of wood patios. Mildew can be cleaned with bleach, but excessive rotting may call for repairs or replacement.

After checking for damages, it’s time for spring cleaning. Typically, a regular garden hose does the trick. However, moss and hard-to-reach dirt requires the use of a pressure washer. Once cleaned, use stains or sealers on wood surfaces to help protect them from the harsh sun and the elements.

Following examination and cleaning, arrange the furniture to offer a comfortable space for guests and family. When moving your furniture out from storage, or simply brushing the snow off, check for any cracks, dirt or insects that have made a home under the cushions or crevices. Lightly wash the furniture with a hose, cloth or vacuum cleaner.

With the fresh springtime weather, the natural world thrives. Now is the chance to place early blooming plants around the patio. Use bleach and water to disinfect used pots to eradicate harmful bacteria preserved through the winter. Rinse the bleach out of the pots and refill with soil. Most early blooming plants shouldn’t be watered in colder temperatures, as it freezes the roots.

A splash of color finalizes the springtime patio. Spring reintroduces the sunshine, so decorate your patio with nice warm colors. Brighter colors such as yellow and pistachio green match the blooming nature around your yard.

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